How it works




Quickly find the things you need in our easy to use shop.  Search and filter by category, city, or even zip code.  Unlock new experiences, increase productivity, or try out new gear.

Ask questions, select your rental period, and finish checking out.  You’ll get a confirmation with order details.  If you chose local pickup, you can arrange logistics with the lender directly.  If the item is shipped, you get to count down the days until your gear arrives!

You already saved money by renting instead of buying.  Now go enjoy your gear!  Finish that project, get outdoors, travel, get things done around the house, or whatever it is your up to.  Take care of the gear, return it when you are done, and let us know how everything went.


After you’ve signed up, head over to your Lender Dashboard to get setup.  Configure your profile, settings and start adding your gear.

Tell your friends about your new rentals!  Connect with people in your community or across the country to safely lend your gear.  Chat with others in groups, answer questions, and help others get what they need.

Finally!  A way to make better use of all the “stuff” we own.  You helped someone get something done or experience something new and made a few bucks at the same time.  Give yourself a pat on the back!