Lend Me Your Gear is a unique marketplace where people can come together to rent and lend anything you can imagine.

The real story behind Lend Me Your Gear lies in its members.  A movement back to the true definition of community.  Everyone has stuff.  Everyone needs stuff.  Let’s put the two together.




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As active people who love to go try new things, we found ourselves constantly searching for new gear, tools, and equipment.  It got expensive to go buy everything we wanted and most of it simply didn’t get used often enough.  Therefore, we aimed to create a place where people could come together to lend and rent anything you can imagine.

Just about anything you can imagine.  You’d be surprised what you can find on LMYG.  If you need to use something, LMYG is a good place to start.

There are many advantages.  Besides saving money, it’s a great way to try things out before buying them.  Sometimes you just want to dip your toe in the water before you jump in.  Other more specialized items, like tools, can be hard to find at stores, expensive, and not used that often, making them easier to just rent.  Many of our members are hard core enthusiasts and it’s a great way to meet new people.  We have woodworkers, snowboarders, climbers, cooks, and more.

Not at all.  Becoming a lender is easy on Lend Me Your Gear.  Just sign up for an account and apply to become a lender.  There is no charge and anyone can do it.  Once you setup your account, use the LMYG Lender Dashboard to add new products.  From your dashboard, you can manage orders, deposit amounts, rental rates, products, and your payments all in one place.

Yes.  Providing a safe, secure place to lend and rent items was a priority for us at LMYG.  All of our transactions are executed in an secure, SSL environment.

Renters are responsible for returning items in the condition it was borrowed in.  That being said, we know things happen.  When we created the site, we wanted people to feel comfortable lending out their belongings.  That’s why we give you the power to set a deposit amount for each item.  If the item is damaged or lost, the lender files a simple dispute form and Lend Me Your Gear will reimburse the lender according to our rental terms policy.

Yep!  If you’ve got lots of stuff to lend, you can do it over and over and make a nice chunk of change on LMYG.

Lend Me Your Gear works on a shared community model.  When people come together to lend and rent, we share the revenues.  There is no fee to list items.  We charge a 6.5% transaction fee per sale and a 3.5% fee to securely process credit card transactions.

After you complete your transaction, the lender will get a notification for your rental.  If it’s a local item, the two of you can arrange pickup.  If it’s a shipped item, you will get shipping notifications on when the lender has shipped your items.  If you have questions or concerns, you can always send a message directly to the lender as well using our messaging system.